Copernicus, All These New Planets, and Climate Change on The Current Earth

“The crazier my doctrine of the earth’s motion now appeared to most people, the argument ran, so much the more admiration and thanks would it gain after they saw the publication of my writings dispel the fog of absurdity by most luminous proofs.”
-Nicolaus Copernicus writing to Pope Paul III in the Preface of his Copernicus’ On The Revolutions of Celestial Orbs-
Copernicus’ friends pushed him forward in times of doubt. But who would’ve imagined lack of confidence in this brilliant mind?
I’ve been spending a lot of time in space lately: playing the space-traveller’s fantasy No Man’s Sky, reading a forerunner of modern philosophy, Nicolaus Copernicus’ text, On the Revolutions of Celestial Orbs [linked text “spheres”] and now learning about a nearby star with up to seven earth-sized planets in its orbit.
These newly discovered planets has been theorized to be habitable and my thoughts immediately escalate to: While the discovery of other earth-like planets is pivotal, let’s not walk out on the one we still call home. I’m in no way trying to derail this incredible discovery, but I’m looking for ways to keep this planet as habitable as possible.
I think it wouldn’t take much to make this post more political. Maybe this is something I can write on another day. The things is, I have a fair deal of confidence that this earth is falling apart. Why do I think that? Because people that I know and trust have told me that global climate change. This is why I believe it. Every now and then I’ll casually glance over an article of another climate-related disaster, sometimes clicking a link to a study I don’t have access to or don’t understand.
But sometimes not. Sometimes I don’t click the link to understand the study. Sometimes I just take for granted that the source I’m getting is right and true. I don’t think that method can go on much longer, at least not for me. And it’s going to take a whole lot more effort. So, here is NASA’s website, with it’s own hyperlink evidence chains to evidence that points directly to a staggering increase in carbon monoxide levels starting in 1950.
Please take this note as an experiment, an example of what I mean to do. Of all the many things I “mean to do” I’m asking myself to let this be one of the greatest and most consistent. By knowing where our information comes from and doing our best to understand, we can all make the most informed decisions possible. And I know I’m hoping that that with enough evidence and understanding, we can work together to pull this planet together for at least a few hundred more years.

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