If You’re Like Me and On the Internet at 9:35pm

This is a massive shoutout to all of you on the internet at 9:35pm. I’m here with you and in the middle of cleaning/organizing, so my bedroom is a disaster.

I have some pretty good headphones, so I’m enjoying a decent series of shuffled songs.

Right now, it’s become 9:37 and Feist’s “Let It Die” has come on. I’m looking at a stuffed Reebok duffel bag from last weekend’s outing to upstate New York. Also, can you believe I tried to type “duffle” instead of “duffel.” Thank god the spell check corrected me because that could’ve been terribly embarrassing.

Next song is “I Have Never Loved Someone” by My Brightest Diamond. And I’m looking at the plants I have on my bookshelf. A fern and a snake plant. There’s a beer bottle up there, too. The ceiling fan isn’t spinning. The bulb of my lamp is yellow and without a shade.

That’s about all I can muster up for right now. There are many good songs to come. I’m not tired yet.

On second thought, Conor Oberst’s Lonely At The Top plays and I’m reminded of the riddles he presents. One line stands out to me: “the heart can’t comprehend the panorama.” I tried to write a poem about something similar once. And, yet, he’s managed to do something I wasn’t.

It’s about the bigness versus the smallness. Only, I guess the question is which part is the big and which is the small. The heart or the panorama?

I’m not sure about that, but I know it’s a lot to think about.



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