All Dates I Come Across From Now On

Here is a list of dates I’ve come across lately, from the seemingly inconsequential, to the epic. The list is an attempt by me to contextualize historical events with other events, with the hope I’ll be able to better remember and understand them. I’ve noticed the older I’ve become, the more history becomes important to me. This is the search for my place within it.

These are dates I’ve written in past school notes, overheard in conversation, read on the web, or experienced myself, firsthand. I expect some of these dates to be contested and intend to do further research, but, for now, this is a draft. An outline. I’d like to add other metrics such as location of event later down the road, as well as create a streamlined way to pinpoint events on the list.

I expect this list to be updated frequently.

Items in red have been added in the latest round of entries

(As a disclaimer, I do intend to eventually back up all these dates with some source link. For now, it’s going on a certain level of trust. Perhaps foolish. We’ll see.)

5000 BCE: Written Human Communication – Communicate and Store Information

5000 BCE: gold and silver objects first produced

2500 BCE: Iron smelting

1000 BCE: Lead appeared

1000 CE: Dark Ages end

1250: Magnus discovers Arsenic in Germany

1455: Movable Type

1593: Shakespeare “Venus and Adonis”

1611: King James Bible

1637: Decartes

1678: Paul Bunyon

pre-1700s: Platinum discovered in Central America

1740s: Benjamin Franklin Apprenticed with Brother – Franklin Press – Learns bookbinding

1772/4: oxygen discovered by Scheele and Priestly in Uppsala and Wiltshire

1777: October 4th: Battle of Germantown

1800: Papermaking machine invented

1811: Newspaper

1840s:  Linotype machines and monotype = individually cast letters

1847: Rudolf Virchow correctly identifies the blood disease, leukemia

1869: Charles Baudelaire publishes Paris Spleen

1869: Forbidden Drive becomes part of Wissahickon Valley Park in Philadelphia

1869: Dimitri Mendeleyev draws up first successful periodic table of chemical elements

1872: Sulfite to uniform paper

1897: Joseph Thomson discovers the first subatomic particle, the electron

1919-1921: Pio del Rio Hortega uses silver carbonate stain to identify microglia

1930s: revitalized hand-papermaking

1940s: Hobby printers/clamshell press

1947: Merriam-Webster publishes first in line of paperback dictionaries

1970s: Computerization – New York Times switches to Photographic press

1980: Plaque at Wissahickon Valley Park: “The Fairmount Park Bike and Hiking Path from Forbidden Drive in the Wissahickon Valley to the art museum in Center City was completed by the City of Philadelphia Fairmount Park commission in 1980 with funding assistance from the U.S. Department of the Interior Heritage Conservation Recreation Service Land and Water Conservation Fund as administered by Pennsylvania Department of Community Affairs Bureau of Recreation and Conservation”

1988: Alan Beyersdorf born

2006: Alan graduates from high school

2011: Alan starts working on his novel Filter Viewer

2012: Alan publishes his first poetry chapbook, Degrees of Distance

2015: October: World Health Organization says processed meat causes cancer




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