Who Alan Beyersdorf Thinks He Is

People have been calling Alan Beyersdorf weird for as long as he can remember. While he used to shy away from it, now he’s decided to embrace it and throw everything he’s got at the wall. If what he’s throwing isn’t sticking, at least then he’ll know. This is a big experiment, after all.

But maybe the world was bigger than his corn-filled bubble. After a quarter of a century in the Midwest, Alan decided to move to the Greater Philadelphia Area to pursue his education further. He┬áreceived his Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Rosemont College in 2015 and Bachelor’s degrees in psychology and English from the University of Toledo in 2011. He loves Philly, but thinks about life back home all the time.

All of this life-living has taken many paths and many forms. Alan wants to understand the relationships between visual and written communication, their psychology and implementation. He hopes this website and future projects will help him to tackle obstacles in literacy and education.

(also, can we pause for a second and acknowledge how strange it is to write about yourself in the third person?)

Alan Beyersdorf believes that there are many connections between technology, ethics, video games, social media, narrative, personality, education, the internet, and psychology, just to name a few. He has a tendency to repeat himself, but has decided that repetition is good for his memory. He hopes this is all going somewhere. And he will keep doing this even if it doesn’t.

This bio page is starting to get awkward, so Alan will stop writing it now. Is it sticking yet? He hopes it’s sticking.

[meta: check back for updates to this bio, as Alan will likely feel weird about it and change it soon]