Filter Viewer Instruction Manual

**Welcome and thank you for choosing the Filter Viewer. You’re about to start your induction into the elite class of the Viewers. Be sure to read carefully and under no circumstances should you neglect your training!

Below you’ll find information about how to best use your life changing purchase! We hope you enjoy your time inside the Socio-Sphere. We can’t wait to View¬†you soon!**

The Filter Viewer synthesizes the traditional organic human with future technology, not quite available to our present space. But in a parallel reality, sometime in the future, Filter Viewers dominate the social landscape. The Filter Viewer creates unique opportunities for communication and new way to interface with your peers, provided you have the training enough to use it.

But don’t be alarmed. We’ll walk you through.


Inside the world of the Filter Viewer, there are psychological experiments of choice. Choices are limited, but form your character when collected over time. Because you live in a futuristic dystopian universe, many objects will be unfamiliar to you.


Who You Are and What You Will Do

These spaces are loaded in as programs. ‘You’ are the character in the story, so, although events in these stories may not be the events in your life, you will treat them as your own for the sake of the experiment.

Because The Brain Is Finite

If you’d like to save your progress for the next chapter, you can enter in your email address here and you’ll be sent your image sequence. When the next chapter is released, you’ll be notified and you can continue your journey through the program.

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[Disclaimer: Filter Viewers are known to interact differently depending on the user. Your choice in Filter Viewer may or may not change the outcome of your journey. Results vary.]