But what is all this?

circleborderleftWhat you’re looking at is a website I’ve been talking about creating for approximately as many years as I’ve been active on the internet. (Let’s pick an easy number and say 11 years.)

But the problem with creating a website is figuring out the what’s, the why’s, and the how’s. What sort of website? What sort of content? A free blog or a paid domain? Ultimately, these questions become less vehicles for creativity, but, rather, obstacles for ever finishing the thing at all.

I can say with confidence this is the fourth website/blog I’ve been atoms away from launching. But I can’t keep holding off. I can’t let the project only come to fruition in my mind, never letting it air out, and never letting the public eye act as a litmus for whether I’m on the right track. (Whether we can or should let others evaluate and judge our work is a blog post for a later day. And trust me, I’ve been writing that post in my mind for as long as my mind’s existed, I think.)

Because I believe in transparency, I want to be upfront about all of the things I intend to do with this site, what you’ll expect to find here and how your interaction with this site will be beneficial to me if you decide to continue. To give a quick run through of what I’ll be doing here, I’ll start with the first purpose:

Landing page for future works, both written and visual

In an increasingly digital world, I’ve often found myself in conversations with other professionals, interesting and influential people, or random encounters with strangers who are interested in my work. (I know this sounds like I’m patting myself on the back a bit, and I am. But it took a long time for me to get to this point–whatever point that is–and I’m going with it.) So, to have a landing page I can refer someone to is both helpful professionally, but also stands as a hub of everything I’m doing, to keep myself organized and to see connections I may not otherwise.

Filter Viewer (novel, working title)

Anyone familiar with my writing knows I almost always write in short form. I came into writing with the maxim: “If you can’t write it short and efficiently, you can’t write it.” My novel project, Filter Viewer, has me pushing back against that view I once held. Elevator speech: Filter Viewer is about a young woman in a near-to-mid future dystopia caught between harnessing the powerful virtual reality her society relies upon and releasing her peers and herself from its true oppressive nature.

Filter Viewer started as a National Novel Writing Month project in the Fall of 2011. So this month (November) marks it’s five-year drafting anniversary. Filter Viewer will eventually have its own website or branch of this site. More on that another time.

Interactive content and language processing

As the website, develops I’ll be including hyperlink and interactive content. The purpose of this will be for me to determine the efficacy of images in text and whether it makes a difference for memory and attention long term. I intend to keep an eye on the website data in order to best track these variables. (Showing myself as psychology and data nut.) Endgame is to better learn how readers interact with digital content, so that they may have more effective and pleasurable reading experiences.


The blog will be used to build a personal platform for things that interest or concern me personally. These topics will range from psychology research to narrative craft to breakthroughs in technology.


Here will be a collection of images showcasing my abilities in drawing, sculpture, as well as links to outside, published writing.

I believe that is all for now. Later, this list may become updated and links will be inserted into the text as the content develops on the site.

Thanks for reading and I hope you check back and explore sometime.